Robert Young, Sr.

Made entry on 25 Sep 1778; warrant issued for 640 acres on Brush Creek; property described as where Robert Young Sr. “is now living.”
Survey done on 23 Dec 1782

North Carolina Land Grant #502, 10 Nov 1784

The location of Robert Young, Sr’s property is, by no means, secret.  Many researchers through the years have thoroughly documented the family.  Young lived in present-day Johnson City, on property near the Veteran’s Administration (V.A.), ETSU, and the intersection of North State of Franklin Rd and Greenwood Drive.  Young’s cabin has survived over 200 years and is still standing, but has been moved to Winged Deer Park. Robert Young’s grave is marked with a marker provided by the Daughters of the American Revolution, as well as the original, hand-carved tombstone from 1792. 

These three plats are land grants to Robert Young, Sr. (#502), and his two sons, John (#566) and Robert, Jr. (#1046). This is a much more accurate map of the property, located near the Veterans Administration property and ETSU.

For more information on Robert Young: Robert Young, Sr. Patriot and Pioneer by Dessie Little Simmons and Fred Simmons, 1984.