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          Marriage records are some of the most important records for family history research because family units begin with these marriages. Processing was recently completed by archives’ staff and volunteers on the loose marriage licenses and marriage bonds for Washington County. Some 35,598 such records are now available to researchers.

            The records cover a time period from 1781 through 1950. Licenses after 1950 are still maintained in the County Clerk’s office in the courthouse in Jonesborough. The marriage licenses generally provide the names of the bride and groom, the date the license was issued, the date the marriage was solemnized, and the name of the person who married the couple. In some cases, in some later records, other information is also given such as the place of residence of the bride and groom, their occupations, etc. Marriage bonds generally provide the names of the individuals posting bond to insure the marriage takes place. These may or may not be parents or relatives of the married couple.

            An index to the loose marriage licenses and bonds is available in the Mildred Spaulding Kozsuch Memorial Reading Room. Other marriage records include marriage bond books (1886-1937), marriage license books (1846-1990), and marriage record books (1929-1972).


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