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            One of the most unique aspects of our county’s history was the role it played in the attempt to form the first state west of the Appalachians, the state of Franklin. This effort began in 1784 and continued into 1788. Though it ultimately failed, the legend that was Franklin continues. An important part of that history can be traced through the county records that have been uncovered in the archives.

          Some of these documents were created by the Washington County government operating under Franklin’s auspices, while other documents were issued by the rival county government that chose to remain loyal to the mother state of North Carolina. This resulting civil war caused many documents to be lost. Those documents that survived have now been scanned and digitized and are viewable to researchers on our digital collections page (url:

          Documents include bonds, depositions, warrants, and other court documents, and a will. A deposition recorded in 1803 by Judge Andrew Jackson in the case Ingram Heirs vs. William Cocke relates to events during the Franklin era. This landmark court case determined that actions taken by the Franklin government would be honored by the successor state of Tennessee. For a complete list of the documents, see the guide to the County Clerk Records (url:


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