Judicial Court Case Files


Sub-series Description:

From its’ formation in February 1778 until into the 1950s, County Court had both an administrative and a judicial function. This sub-series contains loose records for court cases handled by the justices of the peace either collectively gathered in session as the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions (County Court) or individually as magistrates. Records of both civil and criminal cases are filed in the sub-series. Civil cases that were then appealed, as well as more serious criminal cases, went to the Superior Court of Law and Equity, so researchers should also check for cases there. Among the many types of cases handled were debt, bastardies, survey and land disputes, probate issues, theft, assaults, trespass, slander, broken covenants, etc. Among the types of documents found in the files are bonds, depositions, judgements, summonses, warrants, etc. Case files are arranged chronologically by year and then alphabetically by the title of the case, using the plaintiff’s surname first. In 1958, most judicial functions of the County Court were transferred to the newly-created General Sessions Court for Washington County.
**Note:  This is an ongoing project.  Record guides will be added as they are processed.  

Judicial Court 1778 – 1789      *Updated!

Judicial Court 1790 – 1799      *Updated!

Judicial Court 1800 – 1809      *Updated!

Judicial Court 1810 – 1819      *Updated!

Judicial Court 1820 – 1829      *Updated!

Judicial Court 1830 – 1839      *Updated!

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Judicial Court 1850 – 1859       *Updated!

Judicial Court 1860 – 1869       *Updated!

Judicial Court 1870 – 1879       *Updated!

Judicial Court 1880 – 1889       *Updated!

Judicial Court 1890 – 1899        *Updated!

Judicial Court 1900 – 1909        *Updated!

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Judicial Court 1920 – 1929         *Updated!