Isaac Lincoln

Great uncle of President Abraham Lincoln, Isaac came to Washington County, North Carolina (present-day Carter County) prior to 1775 from Augusta County, Virginia.  Daniel Boone, a relative, lived for a short time on the Watauga River and Lincoln settled nearby. 

In 1779, Lincoln made an entry onto 265 acres lying on the Watauga River.  The property records confirm that this property is where Isaac Lincoln and his wife Mary lived. For a time, Thomas Lincoln, father of Abraham Lincoln lived on the property where his great uncle lived. Some believe that Abe was actually born in TN–no documentation to prove this.

Isaac and Mary were the parents of only one child, a son, who tragically drowned at the age of three. After his death, the couple took in a nephew, William Stover and raised him.

Isaac and his wife are buried on this land grant property in a small family cemetery.

Patent obtained 18 Nov 1775 (Watauga Purchase), Deed Book A, page 30.

Entry and warrant were obtained on 23 Mar 1775 (Watauga Purchase) “upper end of the Lyn Mountain…” for 220 acres, Deed Book A, page 44

Land Grant # 799 for 565 acres, Deed Book A, page 63, 7 Aug 1787.

Lincoln also purchased 50 acres of land near Teter Nave from John Pevishouse in 1795 (smaller tract south of the land grant.)

Some of the above information on Isaac Lincoln was taken from the book, The Lincolns and Tennessee by Samuel Cole Williams.

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