Early Marriages of Washington County, prior to 1800

Allen, Daniel and Allathy Hale, 1788

Ballinger, Joseph and Elizabeth Smith, 1793

Beaty, John and Ann Wood, 1788

Bitner, John and Elizabeth Hatler, 1790

Blair, John and Hannah Carreathers, 1793

Blevins, Daniel and Agness Postethwait, 1788

Bogart, Cornelius and Elizabeth Moffet, 1793

Boren, Chana and Mary Peacefield, 1796

Borin, Absolam and Hannah Little, 1793

Boring, Chaney and Elizabeth Whitecotton, 1790

Boyd, Joseph and Phebe Little, 1798

Bradley, John and Nancy Tate, 1793

Broyles, Adam and Roseannah Broyles, 1798

Burke, Arthur and Mary Anderson, 1788

Campbell, James and Rebeckah Linville, 1789

Campbell, Jeremiah and Sarah Marr, 1789

Campbell, Robert and Anne Campbell, 1789

Carson, Andrew and Elizabeth Hannah, 1790

Carson, Samuel and Rebeckah Brandon, 1790

Cobb, Ethelred and Susanah McColm, 1791

Conklin, David and Mary Grahm, 1791

Cooper, Joel and Elizabeth Job, 1788

Crawford, William and Rebecah Smith, 1792

Crouch, Elijah and Mary Ellis, 1792

Davis, Nathaniel and Elizabeth Celson, 1795

Dearmond, George and Mary Webb, 1793

Duggard, William and Nancy Millar, 1791

Dunkin, Thomas and Mary Lynch, 1790

Eagin, James and Hannah Whitson, 1795

Evans, Archer and Charrolette Cooper, 1787

Ferguson, Alexander and Mary McNut, 1796

Fryar, Robert and Chaestain Hunter, 1792

Gabbert, George and Catherine Smith, 1787

Gamble, Andrew and Gannat Carson, 1793

Gilles, William and ____ Carson, 179-

Graves, James and Sarah Hetherly, 1789

Guin, Champ and Dorcas Williams, 1789

Hall, Alexander and Susanah McColam, 1793

Hamer, Baultis and Sarah Carney, 1791

Hammer, Isaac and Elizabeth Bogart, 1793

Hannah, Andrew and Jane Davis, 1788

Hatcher, John, Eve Moris, 1790

Henry, Robert and Mary Campbell, 1793

Hetherly, John and Nancy Wilson, 1789

House, Thomas and Ann Davison, 1793

Ingle, Michal and Mary Slyger, 1793

Kayhill, Richard and Elizabeth Anderson, 1798

Kenady, Samuel and Lettie Herrald, 1792

Knight, John and Rebekah Rhodes, 1789

Lamon, Samuel and Mary Allen, 1793

Lane, Samuel and Elizabeth Hunt, 1793

Law, James and Rosanah Telford, 1791

Leach, John and Sarah Solomon, 1792

Little, George and Marey Jobe, 1791

Love, Thomas and Martha Dillard, 1788

Lucas, John and Susannah Hale, 1790

McConal, John and Agnes Trotter, 1793

McCord, David, Susana Carson, 1792

McCord, John and Mary Carson, 1796

McCoy, John and Hannah Lusk, 1793

McCray, Henrey and Marey More, 1796

McCrea, Charles and Betsy Dickens, 1788

McGee, William and Leann Broyls, 1793

McGinnis, John and Ann Tucker, 1791

McInturf, John, Jr. and Judith Carder, 1789

McNut, Benjamin and Amy Alexander, 1796

Mitchell, John and Mary Ann Barnes, 1796

Morrison, John and Sarah Embry, 1798

Murr, John and Mary Brown, 1798

Nowlan, James and Mary Holland, 1789

Oddle, Tompkins and Abigale Combs, 1788

Odell, Caleb and Jane McDaniels, 1788

Odell, Caleb and Margaret Boring, 1788

Patten, Anthony and Elizabeth Matthews, 1795

Price, James and Esther Nolin, 1793

Pugh, David and Rachel Bogard, 1796

Ray, William and Franky Russell, 1795

Reasoner, Garret and Margaret Ninnoe, 1793

Redman, Stephen and Susanna Stewart, 1792

Richey, David and Elizabeth McCord, 1796

Robertson, David and Sarah Currey, 1793

Roddey, James and Elizabeth Harston, 1793

Rodgers, James and Rhoda Alexander, 1793

Rodgers, Hugh and Nancy Thornton, 1789

Rodgers, John and Elizabeth Asher, 1788

Rodgers, Robert and Hannah Tipton, 1793

Rolston, John and Mary Shanks, 1795

Samms, Littleberry and Elizabeth Burns, 1793

Seehorn, James and Agnes McWherter, 1796

Shanks, William and Elizabeth Roberson, 1791

Shaw, John and Mary Irwin, 1788

Simerly, Adam and Hannah Nowland, 1789

Smith, Brooks and Rebecca Daniel, 1788

Smith, James and Esther McDonnald, 1791

Smith, John and Jimima Grimes, 1788

Stuart, Charles and Mary Blair, 1792

Stuart, David and Ann Allison, 1792

Tate, John and Elizabeth Parkeson, 1789

Taylor, John, Rachel Hannah, 1789

Tipton, John and Sarah Muncy, 1793

Tipton, Jonathan and [No name given], 1795

Tipton, Thomas and Rebeckah Lacy, 1791

Trotter, Joseph and Jane Carmichael, 1793

Tweedy, James and Rachel Blakley, 1792

Underwood, Samuel and Mary Sheaver, 1788

Waggoner, Philip and Catherine Follers, 1790

Watson, John and Christianna Headrick, 1793

West, Edward and Elizabeth Humphreys, 1793

Wheat, John William and Mary Williams, 1791

Wilkinson, Nathan and Rebeckah Wear, 1792

Willson, Garland and Mary Cook, 1795

Willson, John and Sarah Widby, 1791

Wylie, Harris and Arty Taylor, 1790