Captain William Cox’s Company

Tax List - 1787 - Capt Cox Co (Whole)


Captain Fain’s Company
Tax List - 1787 - Capt Fains' Co (Whole)

Unknown Company [1]
1787 - Tax List - Unknown Co - A

1787 - Tax List - Unknown Co - B


Unknown Company [2]

1787 - Tax List - Unknown Co 2 - A1787 - Tax List - Unknown Co 2 - B


Complete County List 

The document below is actually undated, and the following paragraph in the book, Early East Tennessee Taxpayers, by Pollyanna Creekmore explains why we have chosen to put a date on otherwise undated list :

            “The first list following appears to be a composite list of the taxable property and polls, probably compiled by the clerk to return to the comptroller. The list is undated, but a comparison with the original list of Captain William Cox’s Company for 1787 proves, without doubt, that the date of the composite list is 1787. While there are 103 names missing, 10 additional names are found on Captain Cox’s list, while none of the 30 names on Captain Fain’s is included in the composite list. In addition to Captains Cox and Fain’s lists, two undated lists, those of Captains William Hughs and Adam Reader, were located which are thought to be returns for the year 1787. While the names on Captain Hugh’s lists are found on the composite list, the list is printed in its entirety because of the additional statistical data. None of the 23 names on Captain Reader’s list is included in the composite list. Therefore, if the compiler’s deductions are correct, the captains’ original lists supply 63 out of the 103 missing names of the composite list. At any rate, here is an impressive list of the residents of Washington County, Tennessee, in what is thought to be the year 1787. A recapitulation of the tax returns for 1787 gives a total of 172,322 ½ acres of land, 782 white polls and 223 black polls.”