Houghton, Joshua

Joshua Houghton and Thomas Houghton: modern-day Elizabethton area

Joshua Houghton/Haughton had the first deed recorded in what is now known as northeast Tennessee, Carter County.  At the time the patent was recorded, the land was listed as being in Washington County, North Carolina.  The property on the upper left was the first recorded and is described as land adjoining both Henry Lyle and Thomas Houghton, and including “the plantation where Joshua Houghton now lives.”  This first land transaction is found on page 4 of Deed Book A,
Land grant #175 Deed Book A, page 169                                                                             

  WCA #1148

The property on the upper right was patented to Thomas Houghton (Joshua’s father) and recorded in Deed Book A, page 5, also noted as being a patent obtained in 1775.  Described as 472 acres lying on the lower side of the mouth of Doe River, the patent mentions “Lewis Joneses line.” 
Land grant # 45 Deed Book A, page 167                                                                               


The second land transaction for Joshua Houghton is found in Deed Book A, page 5.  The property to the south was patented to Joshua Houghton and is described as “land lying on the waters of Watauga and Doe Rivers…Lewis Jones’s line…”  The amount of acreage was recorded as 587 acres.  Entry was made on the property by Houghton on 1 Apr 1775. 
Land grant # 397 Deed Book 1, page 130                                                                         

 WCA #1160