Historical Markers in Washington County

In the late 1940’s, the Tennessee Historical Commission began the Tennessee State Historical Marker program in an effort to bring attention to the state’s historical places of interest.  In 1946, the Washington County Commissioners introduced the idea to the county to get on-board to recognize the “deeds and lives of our distinguished pioneers.” The document below is the resolution from the January 1946 session, urging the county to petition the Department of Conservation to provide these markers.

Historical Markers - 1946

Washington County’s history includes many interesting individuals, places and events.  One unique way of learning some of this history is through the state historic markers placed by the Tennessee Historical Commission throughout the county.  We have photographed each marker (except for those now missing) and have posted them here.  Read them and get more familiar with the people, places and events who helped make Washington County what it is.





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