Deed Book A, Washington County’s First Deed Book, 1775 – 1782

An introduction:

This volume contains the earliest deeds and land grants for the county, beginning with the indenture made in March 1775 between the earliest settlers and the Cherokee chiefs to purchase land holdings in what became Washington County and its’ surrounding area.

In 1897, the State held a Centennial celebration in Nashville. At that time, the deed book, along with a few other early Washington County records were taken to Nashville to be put on display. It was never returned. After several years of discussions on the subject of the volume’s return to Washington County, an agreement was reached. On June 1, 2021, the volume was returned home to Washington County and is kept at the Washington County Department of Records Management and Archives in downtown Jonesborough.

Below you will find the digital images (first 30 pages) of this important part of Washington County’s history. 

Pages 1 – 4  The Watauga Purchase

Pages 5 – 10