Deed Book A, also known as the Watauga Purchase Book

– JUNE 01:

An introduction:

The volume contains the earliest deeds and land grants for the county, beginning with the indenture made in March 1775 between the earliest settlers and the Cherokee chiefs to purchase land holdings in what became Washington County and its’ surrounding area.

In 1897, the State held a Centennial celebration in Nashville. At that time, the deed book, along with a few other early Washington County records were taken to Nashville to be put on display. It was never returned.

On June 1, 2021, the volume was returned home to Washington County and will be kept at the Washington County Department of Records Management and Archives in downtown Jonesborough.

Celebration Photos – June 1, 2021 Tennessee Statehood Day –
Return of Deed Book A

The Watauga Purchase Indenture

The index listed below is a work in progress. This contains a listing of names from an index compiled by the late, Mary Hardin McCown in the 1970’s and taken from the booklet, “The Watauga Purchase at Sycamore Shoals, March 19, 1775.” Our volunteers and staff are working to provide a more complete index.